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Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Avon is a founder member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the body which works to promote high standards amongst companies who sell direct to consumers.

The DSA was formed in 1965 to uphold, amongst its members, the highest standards of conduct bearing in mind the privileged relationship they have with consumers in doing business with them in the privacy of their own homes. In 1987 the Director of Fair Trading endorsed the DSA Code of Practice.

The DSA's aim is to ensure that its members offer to consumers a degree of consumer protection that is at least the equal of any of their competitors in other forms of retailing. An independent Code Administrator administers the DSA code. Avon subscribes to this code of practice. The DSA is a member of the Federation of European Direct Selling Associations which has adopted a common Code of Practice amongst members of the European Union. For further information about the DSA, visit their website at www.dsa.org.uk.